2 Important Criteria of a Web Site Load Testing

Load testing is one of significant parts of any mobile application testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

During checking of a web site testers should determine how the software server and the site cope with different conditions and loads working on various client platforms.

The common type of load that is often applied for web sites is simulating of activity of different numbers of users. Such works help to determine the maximum number of users that can be served by the tested site simultaneously and various related problems. Automated testing instruments are usually applied for this kind of testing.


When the instruments detect a problem, testers direct their attention to the problem area and perform many different tests in order to find out the roots of the problem.

2 Main Factors That Should Be Considered During Load Testing of a Web Site:

  • Correctness of the performed operations, calculations, outputs and so on. One must make sure that all the processes are executed properly, according to the specification, and the user receives correct and valid data.
  • Execution speed. A software product mustn’t make the user wait longer than it is stipulated in the requirements regardless of the number of users simultaneously interacting with it.

Any software testing company would agree that these 2 points are of utmost importance for any web site.