10 Facts About Automated Testing

Currently  automated testing  is widely used during software testing. Nevertheless there are many myths about it.

Some people even from software industry are convinced that automated testing is a common answer to all the challenges of software testing. Unfortunately modern automated test tools are far from being like that.

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The Next Statements Will Help to Gain More Realistic Concept of Test Automation:

  1. Automated test tools do not reduce the scope of works and time required for the test effort immediately.
  2. A testing program is software just as the system that is to be checked by it.
  3. Test harnesses may by applied only to a stable system.
  4. Some types of testing efforts cannot be automated.
  5. To perform a web site testing desktop testing or mobile application testing many automated testing program are needed.
  6. Automated testing does not provide 100% test coverage.
  7. Application of some testing programs require considerable preparatory works, otherwise they will not operate as expected.
  8. A software testing company recommends to organize trainings for the testers on how to use acquired or elaborated tools.
  9. Test harness expenses comprise not only its acquisition value but also expenses on implementation, maintenance and so on.
  10. Off-the-shelf tools are not always as efficient as anticipated.