10 Essential Conditions for Developing a Testing Plan

To perform software testing well, members of a software testing company must have profound understanding of the testing aim and all its components.

The Next Conditions will Help to Gain Necessary Aim Understanding and Elaborate Suitable Testing Plan:

1. Proper comprehending of the project

Testing team should comprehend all the project requirements. Project discussions and project documents study are good for deeper understanding. It is also useful to have a look at business cases, statements of high-level business requirements, product management case studies.

2. Comprehension of the client-company corporate culture and the way they perform software development

Understanding the client-company corporate culture and the way they perform software development enable to adjust to the client company and to propose advances and upgrading to the developing process.

3. Start testing at the beginning of the development process

Software testing company should be engaged in the development process during the first stages. It helps testers to learn better functionality, requirements, risks and other aspects of the project.

4. Development and testing schedules

Software testing company must be aware of software development schedule and deadlines in order to elaborate testing schedule. It often happens that improbable short terms are set for testing in development process schedules.

5. Human resources needed for the development process

This information will help to find out what and how many employees will be needed for the testing process.

6. Experience

This time the same number of employees may be needed as during the previous similar project.

7. Expenditures

Software testing company should be aware of the expenditures on the project in order to plan costs and structure of the testing process.

8. Testing object and goal

Different kinds of testing techniques, methods and tools are used for mobile testing, desktop testing, web site testing, as well as for automated testing, load testing, security testing. Knowing what and how should be tested project manager will be able to make necessary preparations.

9. Stages of the project release

Testers must know if there will be one release of the software or there will be several stages of the release, each adding new functions. This information is important for test planning.

10. Solution Type

Usually it is easier to select necessary testing types when software development solution is known.