10 Aspects That One Should Notice in Order to Avoid Unreproducible Defects During Mobile Testing

Dealing with intermittent and unreproducible errors always takes much time and efforts. It blunts the effectiveness of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. That is why it is good to have as few as possible intermittent defects.

In order to avoid unreproducible and intermittent software bugs one should notice and remember or record different aspects and conditions when an error occurs. This is of prime importance when dealing with mobile software products, as intermittent defects frequently arise in course of mobile application testing.


If a Defect Occurs During Mobile Testing it is Wise to Turn Attention To:

  1. The precise location where the software bug happened.
  2. Moves of the device and of the user.
  3. Position and orientation of the device.
  4. Conditions of the surrounding that could influence the device sensors, for example, lighting.
  5. The utilized network and strength of the network signals.
  6. Applications and processes operating on the device when the defect happened.
  7. Battery charge level.
  8. Whether the device was overheated.
  9. Steps to reproduce the error.
  10. How often the software bug is reproduced.

A software testing company often reminds its testers that it is better to be always more attentive and observant performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing than miss or leave unreported significant defects.