iOS App for Trucking Tire Services

Company that owns popular online catalog of dealer services, decided to create iOS app. It will be useful for users who are on the road. With the help of this application they can find the location of the nearest tire services dealers.

The application includes the following features:

  • Interactive map, with marked service points and location of truck stop locations for commercial trucks;
  • Ability to find dealers using GPS;
  • Directory with hours of service, emergency services and contact information, detailed map.

In order to ensure that the developed product operates in accordance with requests, customer contacted QATestLab company. Our task was to perform independent testing. QATestLab joined the project on beta-testing stage for detecting bugs and preventing their occurrence in future.

First of all, our company created a test scenario which was considered by the customer. So he was able to make sure that our experts focus on the areas with the greatest risk and less time they spent for not very important issues. Besides that, complex interfaces between various system components should be tested.

QATestLab was able to meet customer requirements and guarantee the successful implemention of a new iOS application on the market.