What Did Take Place in 2010 in the Sphere of Outsourcing?

Tony Murphy, president of the TOC Group, author of the concept of Business Value of IT, especially for Outsourcing.ru summed up the 2010 in the sphere of global outsourcing. 

Key outsourcing contracts in 2010

  • Bharti Airtel has signed a 10-year contract with IBM for consolidating and maintaining the 16 local offices.
  • BP signed multi sourcing contract with IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies, Wipro and Accenture worth $ 1.5 billion.
  • CapGemini won a contract to support operations on the Supply of Kraft Foods North America.
  • The company E. ON signed a contract for $ 1.4 billion with HP. The deal is designed for 5 years and includes managing data centers and workstations.

Priorities for the customers

  • Priorities are different and strongly depend on the circumstances of current business.
  • The contract price is still the most important factor. Of course, this is not correct, this should not be!
  • Customers are looking for the standard samples to expedite the preparation of contracts and facilitate comparison of vendors.
  • Many companies are trying to change the terms of current contracts in order to benefit from cloud computing and SaaS, as well as reducing the cost of equipment.

In general, the market today is unstable. However, the value of outsourcing will increase. The greatest influence is on the growth of the value of providing aggregation services, as well as the use of cloud computing and SaaS, which play an increasing role. This will provide an opportunity to receive "resources on demand" through a combination of business services, applications, platforms and infrastructure.

Service differentiation will arise from the side of business-results, which promise to these proposals. Such changes will lead to a new structure of outsourcing contracts and changes in the sourcing strategies of many companies. Increasingly, not CIO will take decisions on sourcing, but the heads of business units.