QATestLab Tests Robots

In 2013 QATestLab performed testing of a spy-robot created by Eaglemoss.

Spy-robot is a complex mechanism, created by professionals in the field of robotics who used the best of modern technologies. Journal Spy Robot from Eaglemoss offers its readers to build this complex and exciting device. Each issue of the journal contains certain details. Having collected the whole set you are ready to build.

Propper functioning of the spy-robot depends on correct and well-coordinated interaction of the hardware and the software. Software and mechanical-electrical part of the spy-robot are complex and unique. They are much different from usual computer hardware and applications. That is why the testing of the spy-robot has a number of peculiarities.

Testing of such a device is a complex and unique project that requires professional skills and creative approach. Work of this kind cannot be trusted to testers with common way of thinking even if they are experts in software testing.

Testing of robots can be identified as a separate branch in software testing. While robotics is not widespread it is not an easy task to find a software testing company capable of performing such work fast and qualitative.

About QATestLab

QATestLab is an independent testing company providing a full range of software testing services. The company headquartered is in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company focuses on rendering services in independent software testing.