QATestLab Team Took Part in Voluntary Saturday Work

The spring has come, and the nature is awaking from the winter dormancy. It is a good time for cleaning and preparing for approaching Easter holidays.

Cherkasy city executive board announced the 28 of March, Saturday, the day of neighborhood clean-up.

One of QATestLab offices resides in Cherkasy, so, our team couldn’t remain uninvolved. We volunteered to participate in cleaning of the town and informed the town authorities about it. They were happy to hear about our decision and allocated us the territory.

 We had to clean at Mendeleev street, near the region hospital. It was a responsible task, as the park and street near the hospital must always be tidy and pleasant looking.

We gathered at the appointed place at 10 a.m. Our office manager brought all that we needed – gloves, garbage bags, rakes and other instruments. We took the equipment and spread all over the territory.

 The weather was wonderful that day, our territory was covered with greenery, it was spring; we were happy to work outside and to be of service to our town. We worked hard and had fun at the same time.

Our team completed the task in 3 hours and gathered many bags of trash. Representatives of the town authority thanked our company and everybody, who participated in the voluntary Saturday work. We were proud of ourselves and happy. 

We Did 3 Good Things:

  • helped to clean our town;
  • participated in a socially useful activity;
  • had fun outside.