QATestLab Team Had a New Year Party

The new 2014 year is coming and everybody feels approaching of winter holiday. People always hope that the next year will be better than the previous one and that it will bring something good.

New Year and Christmas are traditionally associated with miracles, fairytales and joyful celebration.

Cheerful QATestLab team celebrated New Year on the 21st of December.

The celebration took place in Cherkassy. The team members from Kiev, Donetsk and Krivoy Rog arrived to Cherkassy early in the morning in order to have a chance to walk about the town and view the sights before the party.

New Year is one of the greatest holidays of the year and QATestLab team celebrated it in style.

Festivities began at 12 pm with bowling. QATestLab employees like challenges and competitions. Everybody played enthusiastically. The winners were awarded with medals and certificates.

People used to wear different costumes on New Year carnivals. So, QATestLab organized theme party in gangster style. The company motto “Quality is a Rule” works both in professional activities and in celebration.

Careful preparations to the gangster party were done beforehand. Every team member thought out and got ready suitable costume. Correspondent “Wanted” photos of each QATestLab employee were made.

The party seceded! There were many various dishes and drinks on the table. The walls of the hall were decorated with the “Wanted” photos of QATestLab members. Stylish Mafia bosses as well as their ladies were magnificent. It seemed that the restaurant shifted to Italy or America of 1960s and mafia meeting was taking place there. 

But it is not interesting just to sit, eat and look at each other. QATestLab members are active and cheerful. So, there were many funny contests and prizes, of course. Everybody participated at least in one contest and won prizes –sweets and souvenirs.

QATestLab team got a lot of positive emotions and bright, pleasant impressions at the party. It was a good start of winter holidays and now QATestLabs members are sure that the 2014 will be successful for them.