QATestLab Started a New Service - 24-Hour Technical Support

Our company has been rendering all kinds of quality assurance services for about 10 years.

Though for this period we elaborated many best practices and our own methods and approaches to various types of software testing, and many famous and reputable companies employed our services, we never stop developing and improving ourselves.

We clearly understand that in such fast evolving sphere as IT no one can rest on laurels and remain successful. To stop developing means to die in the field of information technology.


Besides, we always do our best to meet the requirements of our customers and make our services not only useful but also convenient for them. Care about our clients has always been our first priority; it demands creative, custom approach to each project.

All this and our passion to software testing make us increase variety of our services.

Today, on the 25 of November, 2014, our team started a new service - 24-hour technical support.


One of our clients updates the application in night hours what allows the application users to work with the latest data in the day hours. Our test engineers started to verify whether the new code is properly uploaded, what errors happen during the uploading, whether there are defects in the code and so on.

On this occasion everybody is excited and proud for our company, its achievements and our insatiable desire to remain second to none in quality assurance and software testing.