QATestLab Sponsored IT Job Fair in Cherkassy

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative held IT Job Fair on the 13th of December 2012 in Cherkassy State Technological University. The event was sponsored by QATestLab.

Our company supports financially IT job fairs for the third time, as it finds such events very useful for sharing knowledge in IT field and popularizing this fast changing and interesting scope of activity among young people.

The main objective of the IT job fair was to give an opportunity to the students and all the visitors of the event to learn more about the latest tendencies and best practices in software developing and testing.

The attendants could get to know with what projects IT organizations work nowadays, how and where one can learn more about various branches of information technologies, what local companies organize free courses and practical trainings for those who wants to work in IT field.

The companies that participated in the event organized seminar “Start of your career in IT”. Attendees could hear about peculiarities of work of each company at the seminar.

Everybody could get to know what positions are available in the IT companies and what skills and knowledge candidates for the vacancies must possess. There were good opportunities for the students to become employees of the IT companies.