QATestLab Representatives a Had Meeting with Students of CSTU

In October 8, 2014 QATestLab representatives met with students of Cherkasy State Technological University.

The main purpose of the meeting was to inform the young people about peculiarities of a software tester position and career prospects in this field.

Unfortunately, despite many sources of information available today, many people know little about software testing, its specificities and role in software development life cycle.


The Following Topics Were Reviewed at the Meeting:

  • What is quality and why is testing required?
  • Who are the testers and what is their job?
  • Brief insight into QATestLab portfolio, namely, the Internet projects, desktop projects, projects for mobile devices, gaming projects.
  • What should one know to start working as a tester?
  • Who should and who should not become a tester?
  • Successful tester’s personal qualities.
  • Peculiarities of a tester’s work.
  • The role of the tester in the software product development.
  • Some of the tester’s principles.

Some of the famous clients of our company were also mentioned at the meeting. Their testimonial, as well as testimonials of many other companies that cooperated with QATestLab, can be seen on the web site in the section Clients, Testimonials.


During the meeting QATestLab representatives also told about the free training on software testing, which is being constantly conducted by our company.

QATestLab sees huge benefits from education of young people for their future and development of information technology in general. In our company young people can quickly build a career and make a huge contribution to improvement of software products.

This training can be completed online from anywhere in the world.

Students listened with great interest to the QATestLab representatives; many volunteered to sign up for the training. Perhaps some of them will get their first job in our company and become professional testers. Now it's a pretty well-paid job. The average salary of a tester is about 80% of a programmer’s salary.