QATestLab participated in project “Ukraine, the IT-first Nation”

Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative organized project “Ukraine, the IT-first Nation”. The project lasted from the 29th of October till the 5th of November 2008 and consisted of several educational events such as consultations and trainings for students from Kiev, Cherkassy, Donetsk.

QATestLab actively participated in “Ukraine, the IT-first Nation”.

“Ukraine, the IT-first Nation” included meeting with representatives of IT-companies from Kyiv and Cherkasy, and with students, and lecturers from Cherkassy State Technological University and Cherkassy National University.

It was decided to maintain long-term collaboration with the universities and QATestLab at the meeting. Within the collaboration our company held courses on the main issues of software testing and sponsored IT job fair in Cherkassy State Technological University.

The job fairs and the courses were successful and quickened interest of the students in information technologies in general, and in software testing, in particular.

Our company found out that job fairs are an effective way of sharing information with young people and finding novice young and skilled software testers.