QATestLab Managers Upgrade Their Skills

It is common knowledge that efficient management requires skills, much energy, creativity and experience.

Effective management of a test team is even more challenging as all the processes in IT world are performed under pressure and tight time limitations.

Managers of test teams and projects must be flexible, quickly adjust to various changes and make the right decisions. Besides, they have to be able to cope with stresses and constant pressure, support, encourage and guide all the team members.

QATestLab managers always learn new techniques and approaches to effective management in order to remain the best in highly competitive market of software testing services.

 Kyiv Mohyla Business School or kmbs is a known educational establishment that conducts courses in upgrading management skills. It started one of its trainings called “Reboot for Top Managers. New Coordinates”. Its first module lasted from the 13th  till 15th of March 2015, the second module will be held in May.

QATestLab managers volunteered to attend the training. It appeared to be informative and useful. Our managers learned a lot of interesting things; they say that now they are able to see various common situations from other, unusual perspectives.

QATestLab managers promised to implement the new approaches in the company daily work what will allow testers to work more fruitfully and remain cheerful and happy in spite of work pressure.