QATestLab Held Courses on Software Testing in Krivoy Rog

QATestLab held free courses on the topic “Desktop, Mobile and Web-application Testing” in Krivoy Rog in October 2013.

The courses were conducted by the best company experts in the conference room of the hotel Dnepr. They were attended by 50 participants and didn’t last long, only for 2 days, 4 hours each day. Their aim was to give the participants only a basic understanding of software testing. 

The Courses Focused on The Following Issues:

  1. Introduction to the testing process. The role of testing in development life cycle of a software product. How programs are tested in reality.
  2. Errors in programs. Description of program errors and their analysis. Life cycle of software errors.
  3. Elaboration of tests and structure of test-cases. Characteristics of a good test. Regression testing.
  4. Automated testing and load testing. Usage of software for software testing.
  5. Mobile application testing.

The courses syllabus was elaborated by the company employees on basis of many years' experience of participation in various projects of different companies, many of which are leaders in their markets and are well-known all over the world.

The information was presented in a simply and clear that allowed the participants without special education and work experience to gain basic understanding of software testing and, if they wanted and endeavored, to become software testers.

Upon the completion of the courses the participants had the opportunity to check their knowledge by performing theoretical and practical tasks. The participants who showed good results obtained certificates of completion courses in software testing. There were 10 of those.

The best 5 participants, who successfully passed all stages of the interviews, were hired by QATestLab.