QATestLab has Opened Game Testing Department

Computer games are an essential part of modern computer industry. Every day hundreds of new games for all the user categories (be it adults or children, big bosses or housewives) are released. For all of us computer games have become a unique possibility to entertain and have fun.

Game testing is one of the most important parts of game development.

Have you ever noticed how many errors can there be in a game? Or how many patches are released nowadays? Despite the fact that a good game testing can eliminate these problems, many companies still reject it for a number of reasons. 

Main Reasons of Game Mistakes:

  • Modern users use grate many devices with various configurations and it is almost impossible to predict the game product behaviour on every of them.
  • Game production is business and a company may sustain losses is a game is not released on time.

However, if an end user comes across many mistakes in the game, which don’t let him/her relax, he/she will not be satisfied with it. As a result, a disappointed user is no longer your client.

Game testing can help you save your potential clients and increase the quality of your game product.

Game testing is not simply its walkthrough. There are a lot of issues that should be checked. Besides, not only game beta-testing, but also its pre-release version should be tested.

QATestLab company has opened a game testing department that offers a wide range of integrated game testing activities, such as:

  • Game content testing;
  • Game beta-testing;
  • Game localization testing;
  • Game functional testing;
  • Compatibility testing;
  • Game compliance testing.

Our testing department will test your game on multiple devices under various operational system and help you eliminate all the possible problems in it.

Our approach to work is user oriented. We test your game from the point of view of end user and thus we guarantee an objective opinion about your product.