QATestLab Employees Attended “Effective Management Communication” Training

Galina Zimina’s “Effective Management Communication” training was held on the 26th and 27th of February 2015 in Kyiv.

The training is meant for current and potential managers of various levels and for everybody whose professional success depends on ability to build business communication properly.

The training program is designed in such a way that the practical training takes about 80% of the time. So, the participants can not only listen to the lectures, but also participate in a variety of improvised situations, learn and correct their mistakes, improve communication skills with employees, business partners and customers.

Participants of the Training Had an Opportunity:

  • to improve communication and organizational skills;
  • to learn how to effectively motivate staff to perform tasks;
  • to increase efficiency of their own work and work of the team members.

QATestLab considers such a training useful because everyone, who wants to be successful, must constantly improve his or her qualification, get to know something new, develop himself or herself.

Our employees participated in this training. They learned a lot of useful information.

Our Colleagues Improved Their Skills In:

  • getting on the right side of different types of people;
  • expressing thoughts clearly and concisely;
  • gesticulating nicely and appropriately;
  • selecting the right words for every situation;
  • making the staff achieve the desired results.