QATestLab Cooperates With Load Testing Cloud BlazeMerer

In April 2013 software testing company QATestLab started partnership with the load testing cloud BlazeMerer.

BlazeMerer permits to execute massive load tests in the cloud. Processing of data in the cloud is a good way of performing load testing.

The service enables to create large-scale loads on an application in a few minutes. BlazeMeter can simulate up to 100,000 users and involve in testing up to 100 servers. Previously one could achieve such an effect only by utilizing very expensive test environment. 

In addition, BlazeMeter is the only cloud service that is 100 % compatible with Apache JMeter, a popular open-source load testing tool.

Cloud service BlazeMeter is simple and easy in usage. Anyone can perform load testing fast and efficiently using existing JMeter scripts or entering the tested software domain name.

Since April 2013 QATestLab has been employing services of the load testing cloud BlazeMeter and for this time the software testing company managed to appreciate the benefits and master the peculiarities of working with it. Basing on its own experience QATestLab provides advice on how to apply BlazeMeter properly and how to perform load testing thoroughly with its help.

QATestLab also writes articles for blogs, demonstrating readers comparative analysis of the cloud service BlazeMeter and open-source tool for load testing Apache JMeterand and other useful information about BlazeMeter.