QATestLab Celebrated its 11th Anniversary

October 30, 2013 marks 11 years since the founding of QATestLab - a leading Ukrainian company in the field of software testing services.

The company headquarter is situated in Kyiv, branches are located in Cherkasy, Kryvyi Rih, Donetsk. The whole QATestLab team cheerfully celebrated this wonderful event.

All employees received advertising gifts in the form of cups and t-shirts. Various funny contests were held; everyone had an opportunity to express their wishes to the native company and colleagues. There was a tasty treat, of course.

11 years of successful existence in a rapidly changing market of software testing services, where start-ups open and disappear almost every day unable to withstand the severe competition, is a major achievement.

No wonder the company's motto is “Quality is a Rule”. QATestLab has rich and varied work experience. For 11 years the company has successfully completed about 350 different projects, worked with more than 100 clients, many of whom are leaders in their fields and their brands are known worldwide.

QATestLab provides a wide range of software testing services. Its testers use a variety of modern devices and infrastructure. More than 300 desktop OS platforms and 200 mobile devices are at their disposal.

To the Main Services Rendered by the Company Belong:

  • Functional Testing;
  • Usability Testing;
  • Automated testing;
  • Load testing;
  • Mobile testing.

QATestLab experts also provide qualitative testing of online shops, games, localization testing, installation testing, user interface testing, cross-browser testing, multi-platform testing, editing of technical documents, integration testing, regression testing, acceptance testing, SEO testing, documentation testing, and many other services.

At Present QATestLab Team Has More Than 100 Employees:

  • 50 testers are involved in functional testing;
  • 20 testers perform mobile application testing;
  • team of 10 experts executes automated testing, stress testing, and security testing;
  • 5 employees render special services, like SEO testing and technical writing.

QATestLab was able to assert itself as one of the leading companies in software testing in fierce modern competition. It became possible due to properly elaborated corporate strategy, high managerial competence, high professionalism, and continuous enhancement of all employees.