Blueberry Launches Version 3.0 of Its Software Testing Tool for Developers

Blueberry Software Ltd has released a major upgrade to its software testing tool for developers and testers - BB TestAssistant Version 3.0.

Designed to make accurate reporting of complex defects easy, BB TestAssistant is an innovative screen-recorder-based software testing tool that puts vital information at the fingertips of developers.

Key features in the new version include:

  • Log Import - automatically import log files during test and display them alongside the movie, allowing a developer to see what was happening on the desktop and in the application.
  • Integration Support - automatically upload bug reports to issue-tracking systems.
  • Real Time Operation – embeds local time into the recording, allowing a user to jump to any time during playback.
  • Notes Support – make quick notes during recording that appear in playback.
  • Projects - define projects with common configuration settings.
  • Thumbnail Navigation / Activity Monitor - browse thumbnails taken from the movie of specific events, such as application activation, mouse clicks etc.
  • TA API - BB TestAssistant provides a COM and EXE API for users to automatically start / stop recordings.
  • Remove Inactive Periods - identify and remove periods of inactivity within a movie.
  • Auto-Pause - option to only record periods of time while the mouse or keyboard is being used.
  • Hide Other Processes - security / data protection feature which restricts BB TestAssistant to record only a specific set of processes.
  • Add Watermark - to show copyright or movie source.
  • Export to Word - mark important points in a movie, add notes, then produce a Word doc containing screenshots of all these points – perfect for making test scripts.
  • Export Notes / Markers to XML / Text - allowing testers to automate connections between notes and movie data.
  • Simple API for Upload and Publishing - making it easy for developers to integrate BB TestAssistant 3.0 with bug-tracking systems.
  • Minimise Movie File Size - setup BB TestAssistant to make recordings at speeds as low as 1 frame per second.

David Francis, Project Manager for BB TestAssistant, said: "Software testing involves using a newly developed system or application under controlled conditions in an attempt to make things go wrong - in other words to see if things happen when they shouldn't or don't happen when they should".

"We've worked hard to create an application that simplifies the process of reporting defects, and offers outstanding value with high-end features at a low price".

"BB TestAssistant is easy to use and flexible enough to be incorporated into existing test protocols. Testers need no special training or skills to use it".

"We've listened to feedback, and version 3.0 has an array of must-have and sought-after features that we are confident will appeal to professional developers and testers".

Software testing usually involves software testers working to agreed-upon standards and following set procedures in order to satisfy rigorous quality assurance protocols, as a bug found after releasing the software can be both expensive to rectify, damaging to the reputation of the developer and raise security implications for the customer.

David said: "Software testing should always be a vital part of the software development process and its value should never be under-estimated. However, organisations can vary considerably in how they assign responsibility for QA and testing. We are seeing a continuing trend for companies of all sizes to outsource testing, and this can increase the likelihood of communications problems - exactly the kind of problem BB TestAssistant has been designed to combat".

"Blueberry’s BB TestAssistant has been designed to make it easy for QA staff, wherever they may be, to show defects instead of trying to describe them. A user simply clicks ‘Record’, step through a wizard, and the test is being recorded. When a bug is found, the user can save the recording or add a note. There's also the option to automatically create a default with the recording attached, on JIRA and TRAC bug tracking systems".

Reviewing the recording is easy for the developer, thanks to a user interface that lets them get straight to the points of interest. If log files or the Windows event log are imported, they can be seen side-by-side with the movie.

BB TestAssistant is free to download as a 30-day trial.

For more information on BB TestAssistant Pro Edition or BB TestAssistant Expert Edition, please visit