A New Tendency in IT-market - Mass Migration of Companies to Outsource

Because of the global financial crisis we can see the tendency of reduce of staff testers, and as a result the mass transfer of testing support for outsourcing.

Recently, the numbers of appeals increase in our company in several times and, consequently, the number of customer that need testing of web systems and websites.

Collaboration becomes profitable, because we have all the processes organized, regulated load of people; there is no need to attract anyone from outside.

"Services from specialized companies are cheaper than in-house quality assurance, - said one of our customers. Also, often services are at a higher professional level, which removes from our shoulders a lot of hassle and allows you to focus on core business. "

Software testing outsourcing is the optimal solution for today that allows improving the quality of your software cost-effectively.

Software testing outsourcing allows improving the quality of the applications, free intellectual and technical resources, as well as significant reduction the risk of losses resulting from incorrect operation and failure of software products.

QATestLab is independent offshore software testing company located in Kiev, Ukraine. We meet the market needs and help grow your business by outsourcing testing.

Our core competence and our passion is the software testing but we offer a full range of QA services, including test planning, test execution and software quality consulting.