Online shop testing to prepare for the hot sales season

How can your shop get the full benefit from the season of hot sales and holidays?
Ensure that your platform meets all the visitors’ expectations to convert them into buyers with QA.

online shop testing

Your store’s loading speed, performance, and convenience have a great influence on the customers’ willingness to buy from you.

  • Most people will wait no longer than 3 seconds for a page or app to open (Google official statistics).
  • 75% of people judge how credible a business is based on its website (Stanford University Web Credibility Study).

Online shop testing can help your e-com store to leave a great impression on your customers and boost your sales.

PROS of testing an online store

  • positive user experience
  • fast and reliable work of the online shop
  • more purchases and satisfied clients
  • business’s good reputation

CONS of not testing an online store

  • missed buyers
  • negative reviews
  • losing the market competition

Tests vital for an online shop during a hot sales period

Functional testing

Does the e-com platform work correctly?

Payments testing

Can the products be added to the cart with no issues?

Payments testing

Is the client charged with the correct sums of money? Do the payments properly go through?

Load testing

Can the platform withstand large increases in the number of users?

Performance testing

Is the store fast, responsive, and stable?

API testing

Can the solution integrate well with other systems?

Usability testing

Is the platform convenient and user-friendly? 

Compatibility testing

Does the app work correctly on different devices?

Our team will be happy to help you ensure that your solution performs well during the hot sales period

QATestLab has extensive experience in testing online stores, e-com websites, and mobile apps.

Years of experience
Successful projects
Real testing devices
QA engineers

Some of our cases

Mobile app testing of a brand clothes online shop
Website testing of a premium pet supplies shop
Testing of an online shoes store

Get more happy clients and increase conversions with QA

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