5 Benefits of independent software testing services for IT project

Discover how a ready-made experienced QA team can reduce costs, improve quality, and boost releases

5 benefits why independent

Why Independent QA Testing Services Make Sense?

The average app loses 95% of users after 90 days. 

67% of users complain about bad experiences as a reason of it.

So what makes a good product that users will love? An easy-to-use interface, excellent performance on different devices/browsers, absence of bugs. An Independent software testing company will help you to make sure that all these conditions are met and even more! 

Let’s discover why choosing an experienced independent software testing company can be beneficial for your project.

Key Advantages of Independent Software QA

Improved Quality
Wide Range of Specialists
Money saving
Faster Time to Market
Less Management Effort

4 myths about independent testing

There are 4 main myths that can prevent companies from taking advantage of on-demand QA. Let’s dispel them:

Independent testers want to replace your in-house QA.

One of the goals of independent QA is to provide assistance to an in-house QA team during tight deadlines, excessive workloads, or other situations when extra testers can be of help. 

It is expensive.

With independent testing, you can save money by paying only for what is tested, without any expenditures on infrastructure, team training and retaining. Thorough QA also allows you to save a lot on each found bug, preventing negative users’ experiences. 

It is inconvenient.

Providers of independent testing services like QATestLab have streamlined the processes of working remotely. Timely communication, efficient cooperation with your team, and hassle-free QA are possible.

It is not safe and leads to data loss.

Companies that care about data security always work via NDA. This way your intellectual property and confidential information are safe.

So if you feel that the output by your internal team is not sufficient, you want to optimize the budget or speed up and improve your product life-cycle and user experience, software testing services can be the right choice. 

By hiring an independent provider like QATestLab you can be sure that the quality of your product is in priority.

Who We Are

QATestLab is an international independent software testing company. We offer manual check and test automation worldwide for multiple industries, like the game, e-commerce, banking, healthcare, business solutions.

Years in QA and
Professional QA engineers from Junior to Senior level.
Offices. International
Successful Projects.

More than 200+ customers all over the world prove that our team is worth trusting in the field of QA software testing services. And we are ready to apply our experience and assist you by creating an efficient QA strategy. Part-time or Full-time engagement of professional engineers is available.

what we deliver 2

What we deliver

  • Detailed bug reports
  • Test plan and strategy
  • Daily / weekly reports
  • Test summary report
  • Recommendations for improvement

Your effective QA team is two clicks away. Go for it!

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