Mikhail Voronin, Department Manager, Dentsply Sirona

The crucial aspect of every product in the medical industry is safety. The reason is simple – it may cause a significant impact on patient health or even life. Safety really goes first when we talk about medical software. The manufacturers have to establish robust quality control processes, perform quite extensive verification and demonstrate that their software products meet strict regulatory requirements. That is why we are very thorough in the selection of reliable business partners to cooperate with for software services. We are proud to have QATestLab as our committed supplier of software testing services. There is a long-lasting experience of cooperation between our companies. And engagement of QATestLab testing experts in the localization of one of our software products is just a recent example of our history of efficient partnership. Invariably the team of QATestLab meets our high-quality standards, and speed of work, and expectations of work efficiency. Looking forward to furthering cooperation with QATestLab.