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BlackBerry Simulator

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator is designed to emulate the BlackBerry experience without using a real BlackBerry smartphone.

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator is an app that you install on your computer that mimics the UI of the BlackBerry smartphone model of your choice, and has the look and feel of an actual BlackBerry smartphone.

The functionality includes the same user interaction of an actual BlackBerry smartphone (including the trackpad, trackball, or trackwheel, and the touchscreen or keyboard), the same applications, and the same features, such as email messaging, phone, and Internet browsing.

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator serves as a platform on which applications can run. This includes the ability for the applications to make network connections, store data, and handle email messages.

The BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator includes core apps that are available for BlackBerry smartphones, and gives you the ability to install and test your own applications.

You can simulate and test various connectivity and state changes using the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator.
When you use the BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator to perform testing, you might need to simulate additional BlackBerry services. The BlackBerry MDS Simulator and the BlackBerry Email Simulator are available for this purpose.