The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie

The Bug Genie is not just an application for project management and issue tracking - it also includes a wiki.

It is an open source  designed for agile teams.

The Bug Genie extends to the Mozilla Public License 1.1. For management the web interface is provided.

The system is cross-platform written in PHP.

Project management benefits:

  • Project dashboard - here you can compile overviews of the most important bits.
  • Separate project spaces - there is a separate "space" for every project and you can easily search among them.
  • Project timeline - the programm has an automatic timeline to track the project's history.
  • Complete project hierarchy - this benefit includes releases, parent-, child- and subprojects, editions and so on.

Issue tracking benefits:

  • Find issues - the simplicity of the search system.
  • Custom issue fields - fields and schemes that simplify the work.
  • RSS support - exports of all searches.
  • Issue actions - available when you need them.