Who We Are and What We Do

Company Profile

QATestLab is a leading International software testing company offering a full range of software testing services.


We were established in 2005 and through these years we have delivered a great number of cost effective and high-quality products across many different industries such as e-commerce, telecommunications, tourism, government, office facilities industry, etc.

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Our skills

QATestLab performs testing of products on each stage of software development cycle using testing framework developed by us that can be integrated in any web application.

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Cooperation Models

Our collaboration with customers is usually based on three approaches: Fixed Price, Time and Materials, Long-term (Testing Center)

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Mission and Values

Our mission is to solve business problems by delivering high quality services in software testing at the best price.


In our relations with our customers we are always focused on results, fully satisfying us and the customer, and only then will we get real pleasure from the done work and tested system.

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News and Updates
How to Protect Mobile Applications from Hackers? 06/06/2016

Mobile devices could be used not only for calls and weather checks, but also for completely different needs, for example, online purchases and bill payments.

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Mobile Testing: Devices Problem 06/03/2016

When executing mobile application testing, the specialist hopes to work with the well-organized set of required devices – when everything is available and this or that model is on hand.

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How to Improve Security by Penetration Testing? 06/02/2016

Security is the priority for developers and software testers. Whereas, a software testing company estimates and thoroughly checks the security level of systems and applications.

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