Usability Testing

Usability Testing

The usability testing session has become an essential component of any major project. Usability testing offers a rare opportunity to receive feedback from users before it is too late to do anything about it.

In usability testing we undertake the following activities:

1. Discuss with stakeholders сonducting an initial interview

  • Review the system to be tested
  • Document concerns and define problem statements
  • Determine acceptable usability goals and objectives
  • Use these goals and objectives to determine “Key Evaluation Measures”

2. Plan the tests

  • Design test scenario and tasks list
  • Determine key evaluation measures
  • Create the usability test protocol
  • Schedule any facilities or space required for lab setup, observation, or participant debrief/greeting
  • Load the necessary software and data needed to conduct the test

3. Run-through the test

  • Install final software and/or prototypes and configure the test machine
  • Review test objectives, metric measures, and areas of concern with observers
  • Run a pilot usability test, including recording
  • Revise test materials as needed based on pilot test

4. Conduct the test

  • Run prepared tests using best practices for facilitation
  • Report found defects and suggestion for improvment to bug tracking system

5. Analyze the results

  • Make highlights video clips of interesting moments
  • Document findings and recommendations (collaborate with development and stakeholders)
  • Create a presentation or report
  • Present findings and highlights tape to stakeholders

Deliverable document:

  • Intent of the test
  • Overall methodology planned
  • Business objectives and goals
  • Usability goals
  • Users and user groups to be tested

The customer's benefits at a glance:

  • Increased efficiency of applications usage
  • Reduction of application's study time by end users
  • Reduction of resources required for usability testing
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