Independent Validation & Verification

Independent Validation & Verification

Software testing should be initiated at the earliest stages of the software development life cycle to ensure quick entry into a market.

Manager that is going to undertake independent testing of a software product should be aware that the most successful results can be achieved only under certain conditions.

The quality of the independent validation & verification depends on the amount of information about a product that the developers and management can transfer to the software testing company. The more information is given, the better we can prepare the testing requirements. As a result we will be able to identify ninety-nine out of a hundred defects.

QATestLab specialists have extensive experience in independent validation & verification of all types of software: from simple applications to complex multi-platform software.

QATestLab provides expert and independent testing, which is aimed at quality management system and functionality capabilities, starting with the earliest stages of product development. Detailed validation & verification not only help to identify defects and ensure that the functionality of the system meets all requirements but also reduce the costs for improving the system, give possibility to analyze the potential risks of the product's release of poor quality.

Independent testing is performed by software testing specialists who are not involved in the process of system development to ensure that delivered software meets both functional and non-functional requirements.

QATestLab offers the following services for independent validation & verification:

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