Configuration Testing

Configuration Testing

QATestLab offers configuration testing service as a special type of testing to verify the performance of software for various system configurations (different platforms, supported drivers, different computer configurations, etc.).

Depending on the type of project configuration testing may have different goals:

1. Project on the profiling of the system

The purpose of testing: to determine the optimal configuration of equipment that provides the required performance characteristics and reaction time of test system.

2. Project on migration from one platform to another

The purpose of testing:
to check the system under test for compatibility with the declared in the specification hardware, operating systems and software products of third parties.

The order of configuration testing:

Before the start of configuration testing, we conduct the following activities:

  • Create covering matrix - this matrix will contain all possible configurations
  • Conduct prioritization of configurations (in practice, most likely, it is impossible to check all of the desired configurations)
  • Test each configuration step by step in accordance with the prioritization
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