Costumes Online Store

Australian online store offering high range of costumes and accessories. The website is designed to help you to choose the right costume for your event.

Online-Store of Men's and Women's Clothes

The online-store offers a wide range of men's and women's clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories. It also provides a technological platform for creating your own online boutique, multichannel call-center, that receives and processes orders.

Shoes Online Store

Shoes online store is based on 1C-Bitrix system. It offers customers the latest collection of Italian shoes. Real Italian shoes, super-low prices and fast free shipping made the online store one of the most popular in Russia. 

Jewelry Online Store

Интернет магазин ювелирной продукции. Расчитанный на широкую аудиторию  потребителей. 
Представленная продукция заинтересует как женщин, так и детей и мужчин. 

Jewelry online store. It is aimed at a wide consumer audience.

The presented jewelry can interest not only women but also children and men.

Electronic Online Store

Electronic online store is based on PrestaShop. Prestashop is a professional system for developing and managing an online store. It is one of the leading systems that are used for online stores nowadays.

Online Stores of Sporting Goods

Интернет-магазины, специализирующиеся на продаже бейсбольных бит, мячей и перчаток в широком ассортименте. Имеется большой выбор брендов продуктов, а также индивидуальный подбор товара по целому ряду параметров (рост, вес, пол, возраст и др.).

The online stores that specialize on sale of a wide range of baseball bats, balls and gloves. There is a large choice of brand products as well as individual selection of goods on a number of parameters (height, weight, gender, age, etc.).

Online Store of Handmade Goods

Интернет-магазин, который позволяет пользователю узнать больше о 
направлении HAND MADE, купить или без покупки скачать выпуски (сеты), 
состоящие из нескольких мастерклассов. Также пользователь может просмотреть 
мастерклассы по изготовлению разных устройств/игрушек/изделий и других 
поделок, сделанных своими руками по своим эскизам, купить и скачать эти 
мастерклассы, а также создать свой мастеркласс и добавить его в библиотеку 

Online store that allows the user to learn more about HAND MADE direction, to buy or download for free the issues (sets) , consisting of several masterclasses. The user can also view the workshops on manufacturing various devices / toys / products and other handicrafts, that are hand-made by one's own sketches, buy and download these masterclasses, as well as create one's own masterclass and add it to the library of the application.

Clothing and Accessories Online Store

Virtual showcase of clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. It is based on OpenCart CRM. The showcase provides an opportunity to view and purchase clothing and accessories from various online stores.