Online Store of Handmade Goods

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Online Store of Handmade Goods

Online store that allows the user to learn more about HAND MADE direction, to buy or download for free the issues (sets) , consisting of several masterclasses.

The user can also view the workshops on manufacturing various devices / toys / products and other handicrafts, that are hand-made by one's own sketches, buy and download these masterclasses, as well as create one's own masterclass and add it to the library of the application.

Разработчик данного программного обеспечения обратился в компанию QATestLab 
с просьбой провести ручное тестирование инструмента с целью проверки 
корректной работы всех функциональных возможностей приложения на различных 
версиях iOS (на устройствах iPad/iPad retina) c типовыми сценариями его 
использования. Часть времени (примерно 20%) была использована для 
тестирования нетиповых сценариев и сценариев, потенциально вызывающих 
ошибки или блокады. Для тестирования необходимо было моделировать разные 
типы и уровни сигнала сети Интернет, а также использовать чек-лист 

The developer of this software contacted QATestLab company to conduct manual testing of the tool in order to verify correct operation of all the functional opportunities of the application in different versions of iOS (devices for iPad / iPad retina) with the typical scripts of its usage.

Part of time (approximately 20%) was used for testing the non-typical scenarios and scenarios, potentially causing errors or blockades. For testing it was necessary to simulate different types and levels of the Internet signal, and also to use the testing check-list.