What Is Checklist-Based Testing?

What Is Checklist-Based Testing?

The common type of software testing is to begin running the software product and make monitoring, with the expectancies that it will be not difficult to differentiate between expected and unexpected conduction.

It happens so that software systems are tested in an equal way to see if some specific defects can be observed or if operational condition and input can be handled without resorting to some systematic technique.

Such forms of elementary and informal testing are named ad hoc testing. Sometimes ad hoc testing may be named random testing as well.

In the case if ad hoc testing is used repeatedly to test software system, software testers need to keep track of what has been done. This is made in order to avert wasting the time of software testing team repeating the equal tests.

Over and above, an informal “to-do” list is generally used to track what is necessary to do.

Such to-do lists can be of such type:

  • an online list
  • a physical list
  • a mental list

The use of such informal lists forms the underdeveloped and unspoken checklists, in which every point can be checked off when corresponding testing was conducted, till every point on the lists is checked off.

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