Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price Model

We offer our customers this model of cooperation with a pre-determined or fixed price for implementation and solving problems with existing technical specifications provided to us by the customer or produced by our analysts during the analysis.

For each stage of the project, we develop a precise test plan and strategy where we record all the resources and time.

In such pricing model, the client pays for testing at a predetermined price which is divided into pre-payment (30-35%), depending on the project, and paying for each stage of its completion.

Preparatory Steps

We receive the requirements or technical task from customer.

We prepare commercial offer and detailed test plan according to the received information and customer’s additional comments.

Test plan usually includes:

  • test strategy
  • the scope of testing
  • features to be tested and not to be tested
  • resources required
  • types of automation tools
  • risks
  • time estimation

Want to know what pricing models are the most relevant for you?

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