Android Cloud Application’s Automated Testing

Android Cloud Application’s Automated Testing

Executive Summary

The application allows to use one or more virtual devices on the real device.

Market segment: individual clients, as well as the organization for which one Android device is not enough, but there is no opportunity or desire to work with several real devices simultaneously.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

The software developer applied to the QATestLab company for automated software testing of the application, which is the most frequently used by the users on their devices. Applications’ automation scripts must be performed on the remote virtual machine with the Android OS.

All the project documents and reports were sent to the customer according to the process management procedure.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
  • Mechanisms that allow scripts to run on a virtual machine;
  • Set of the regular automated scripts for regular inspection of the virtual machine’s applications functioning.


Project team

1 test engineer

QA duration

More than 100 man-hours

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