By Development Stage

By Development Stage

QATestLab offers mobile application testing services to simplify the testing needs of application developers, service providers and handset manufacturers. QATestLab offers services in the laboratory and in field tests for the top phones and large operators.

Our team has extensive experience in work with variety of mobile platforms and operating systems, accumulated experience and knowledge base for specific platforms, the use of emulators and real devices.

Our mobile testing services provide clients with a complete or partial outsourced mobile testing solution.

We use hundreds of mobile devices and providers to significantly increase the quality of your products and services while reducing time-to-market, costs and logistical efforts.

QATestLab mobile testing services are aimed at ensuring that all applications that reach end users are usable, perform as per specifications, and are safe and reliable.

The testing matrix for mobile apps has grown exponentially. It includes handset maker & model, wireless carrier, OS, language, location, etc.

We can help you to decide a point of your application testing on countless configurations.

QATestLab has the broadest range of different mobile devices, to find out more about them, contact our specialists.


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