Game testing: IOS Testing and Video Testing

Game testing: IOS Testing and Video Testing

We are living in the world of rapidly developing technologies. Every coming day brings new inventions. Game industry is also growing vigorously.

The role of the user is no longer passive (as when it was possible to control only a few keys). Nowadays users can manage the course of game on their own.

Testing plays an important role in the game development as end users expect to see the game’s high-quality standards and testing is one of the means of achieving it.

Video game testing: testing games and IOS testing

In order to prove or verify the games and applications, you should test them. During the development of the mobile applications on iOS the startup and testing takes place on a simulator. However, each professional developer will tell you that you need to make the final debugging on the real devices. It will be better even to do this on a number of different devices. For example, on the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, on various versions of iPad and iPod. It should be mentioned, that this process of the IOS app testing is absolutely free for the customers and users. They should only have the Apple ID.

Various testing methods can be divided into two groups:

  1. Beta-testing, i.e. the testing of the game’s preliminary version. This type of testing is usually conducted by the developers.
  2. Quality assurance, which is conducted by professional test engineers.

The main mistake that testers usually make is narrow game testing to plain game walkthrough. Because of this, all the defects are found on the last stages of game development and it negatively affects the release date.

QATestLab company offers a wide range of integrated game testing activities, such as:

  • Game content testing
  • Game beta-testing
  • Game localization testing
  • Game functional testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Game compliance testing

We believe that quality testing is user-oriented.

Benefits of Game Testing for QATestLab Clients:

  • Game’s steady operation
  • Maximum usability for users
  • Game’s operation under all accessible platforms

IOS beta-testing

The program of the Apple beta-testing allows the users to test the pre-release software. The feedback on the performance and usability of the software helps developers to detect and correct errors and to make the Apple software even better.

The process of the beta-testing includes the verifying of the different aspects of the games and applications. So, such moments and sides should be taken into consideration during the IOS testing:

    • Using of the network

Implementation verification during the different types of the network connection, the changing of the point or the type of connection.

    • Compatibility

Check the work and operation with the target versions of OS and mobile devices and compatibility with the components of the hardware (cameras, microphones, sensors, GPS modules and so on).

    • External influence

Testing the work during the incoming calls, charging the device, updating the third-party application, the turning on / off Bluetooth and others.

    • Usability

Check of the consistency of UI, the detection of the visual defects and the defects of the behavior of the user interface.

    • Functionality

Detection of the functional defects with an emphasis on the use of scenarios and user`s paths.

    • Performance

Detection of the limits of performance, the rate of the consumption of the battery and other important aspects of the target devices.

    • Security

Full check for the compliance with the safety requirements (encryption, passwords, false security and so on).

Before installing the public beta-version of the software, you must back up your Mac due to Time Machine and your iOS device using iTunes. You shouldn`t install this version of the game tester on the devices that are very necessary and important for your work or business. It is strongly recommended to install the beta-version on the systems or devices that are not the main and basic.

There are different programs for the IOS beta-testing. However, there are difference between them. For example, the program Apple beta-testing is designed to gather feedback on the preliminary version of the software. And the Apple Developer Program allows developers to test software and create software.

In conclusion, we want to say, that the video game testing is a very important process, which takes a lot of time, but helps applications to work proper, correctly and in the right way.

Android app testing

Android app testing – is a process of the verification and revision of the applications, which are created for the Android operating systems. This procedure helps the designers and developers to find the mistakes and correct the errors.


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