Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is testing without beforehand prepared scenarios.

Therefore exploratory testing is often criticized - as testers should give up planning and preparation.

How to provide management, monitoring and accountability?

Exploratory testing

And anyway, if there is no plan, then everyone will do tests that he wants to do, some functionality will be tested several times, some functionality generally not will be tested, people will not know what to do.

The apparent contradiction can be resolved very simply - in some projects we offer to give up the tactical planning of unnecessary detailed plans to the level of individual tests.

And replace the tactical plan with setting a goal, leaving the tester freedom in choosing how to achieve this goal. The software tester, with a clear goal can certainly identify test plan that should bring him to this goal.

And he can easily change this plan, if he notices that the selected plan doesn’t lead to the goal.

QATestLab offers exploratory testing for projects with a minimum level of documentation and undertime.

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