Web Application Security Testing

Web Application Security Testing

Web-based applications are becoming more common and more complex, thus playing a major role in most online projects.

Like all systems based on the interaction between client and server, vulnerabilities of web-based applications usually occur because of customer requests incorrect handling and / or insufficient validation of input information from the developers.

The very nature of web-based applications - their ability to collate, process and distribute information through the Internet - makes them doubly vulnerable. Firstly, that the most obvious, they are fully open because of their public access.

As long as the web environment is so diverse and contains so many forms of programmed content, control of input and checking the meaningfulness of data are key factors to ensure the security of web-based applications.

This includes how to identify areas of possible values for all data items entered by the user (and forced assignment of the correct values), and a sufficient understanding of where information comes from, in order to identify the data that can be specified by the user.

Application security is very critical to majority of organizations, so QATestLab allows companies to improve overall security of web-based applications significantly and reduce risk of irreparable harm from possible plotters.

QATestLab provides web application security testing service to protect your web application against hacker attacks. QATestLab team uses both black box and white box testing methodology for penetration testing.

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