Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a technique of estimating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from felonious outsiders (they don’t have an authorized access to the company's systems) and felonious insiders (they have some level of authorized access).

A penetration testing process in QATestLab involves an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerability that could be caused by poor or improper system configuration, known and unknown hardware or software flaws and operational shortcomings. Such analysis is performed from the side of a potential attacker.

The customer's benefits at a glance:

  • Averting financial loss through swindle (hackers, extortionists and exasperated employees)
  • Determining higher-risk vulnerabilities that result from a combination of lower-risk vulnerabilities exploited in a particular progression
  • Proving due diligence and compliance to your industry regulators, clients and stockholders
  • Defining the practicability of a set of attack vectors
  • Checking the ability of network defenders to successfully identify and react to the attacks
  • Providing clearness to support increased investments in security specialists and technology
  • Defining vulnerabilities that may be complex or unrealizable to identify with automated network
  • Estimating the importance of potential business and operational influences of successful attacks
  • Protecting your brand by keeping off loss of user trust and business image
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