Software Development

Online System of Secondary Education Monitoring is a web resource for testing pupils online.It is a project of Eurasian Association for EducationalAssessment, which is an organization that provides theexchange of best practices in education quality assessment.The aim of the web site is estimation of the quality ofsecondary education in Russia and other CIS countries.

Online Job and Applicant Search System

Online job search project helps the employer to facilitatethe search of the most suitable candidate to the neededposition. Feature of the project is that the employer,except of the usual information about the employee, cancreate his own quick online aptitude tests to pass. 


The main purpose of the project was to create a CMS (ContentManagement System) that would be very simple in use but withgreat functionality which would include all necessaryfunctions.

Nlgxsecure - Android application for access restriction of the phone and its unlock

This Android app is designed to improve the ability to lock / unlock your smartphone by drawing a pre-designed shape. It is integrated into the interface and displays custom lock screen on which one needs to draw a predetermined shape for unlock and use.

The application is used in the fields of data protection, as well as to ensure data privacy in case of  loss of device.