Roamer World PDA

Roamer World PDA  is the latest version of the popular Roamer robot. It combines the latest robotic technology with the science of learning to create an exciting and dynamic educational tool that can help your students understand complex ideas across a wide range of age groups and subjects.

Bilingual, mobile-first jobs marketplace

The bilingual, mobile-first jobs marketplace that enables more than 74 million hourly workers in the United States to find and apply for jobs from any computer, tablet or phone.

Hourly workers use mobile devices as their primary connection point, but they can’t easily apply for jobs using their phones. Ninety percent of them prefer text messaging as their main communication mechanism, but they can’t apply using simple text messaging. Applications are in English when often the applicant speaks Spanish. Close to one billion man-hours are wasted in the United States every year in inefficient ways to match workers with jobs.

Mobile CRM-system

Mobile CRM-system is a native iOS application. With its help user can access the CRM data from mobile devices (iPhone, iPad) at any time.

Zfone - Secure VoIP Phone Software Product

Zfone™ is a new secure VoIP phone software product which lets you make encrypted phone calls over the Internet. Its principal designer is Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, the most widely used email encryption software in the world. Zfone uses a new protocol called ZRTP, which has a better architecture than other approaches to secure VoIP.


GO.TRAVEL services simplify travel management by compiling all your travel plans and other travel information into a single itinerary accessible from mobile devices needs into one comprehensive website.

VooDoo Me - a voodoo doll simulator

The application is presented as a simulator of a voodoo doll that can be modified by substituting a photo to the head area. After creating a doll you can start torturing it by throwing virtual needles at it. At the moment when a needle pierces a doll making a loud and funny scream. Before you start avenging your "worst enemy" you can choose one of 16 characters.

Nlgxsecure - Android application for access restriction of the phone and its unlock

This Android app is designed to improve the ability to lock / unlock your smartphone by drawing a pre-designed shape. It is integrated into the interface and displays custom lock screen on which one needs to draw a predetermined shape for unlock and use.

The application is used in the fields of data protection, as well as to ensure data privacy in case of  loss of device.

Katachi Interactive Magazine for iPad and iPhone

Katachi is an interactive, quarterly magazine about design, people and business. It was created for discerning readers with a keen eye toward contemporary culture. Katachi provides us with an access to the ideas that are shaping our world.

Cinemagram: Mobile Application for Entertainment

Cinemagram is a perfect way of entertainment for people who cannot imagine their life without photos, videos, other kinds of graphic content and social networks. This application can be especially appreciated by connoisseurs of lomography.

iOS App for Trucking Tire Services

Company that owns popular online catalog of dealer services, decided to create iOS app. It will be useful for users who are on the road. With the help of this application they can find the location of the nearest tire services dealers.

FC Quiz: Game for iOS

FC Quiz is a game application for iPhone and iPad. The aim of the application is to guess football team just by seeing its emblem. To proceed to the next level, it is necessary to guess a certain number of teams and type their names to the special field.

Ghost Hunter – iOS and Android Game

The exciting game in the genre of the hidden object, which in addition to the search of objects and making puzzles offers the player to clear up the detective story with intrigue and mystical overtones.

Football Application

Удобное приложение для тех кто любит быть в курсе футбольных событий.
Подробные расписания грядущих матчей, последние новости и события. 

The handy application for those who wants to stay informed of the football events. The detailed schedules of the upcoming matches, the latest news and events.

Left in the Dark - iOS and Android Game

Игра в жанре Hidden Objects. Игрок выступает в роли частного детектива Шарлотты. Шарлотта получает загадочное письмо от  мера городка. По приезду оказывается что неким образом в городке появился корабль призрак без капитана и экипажа. 
Шарлотта решает, что должна разобраться что случилось на самом деле с кораблем и его командой. 

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player acts as a private detective Charlotte.

Charlotte receives a mysterious letter from the mayor of the town. Upon arrival, it turns out that somehow the ghost ship without a captain and crew appeared in the town. Charlotte decides that she must find out what actually happened to the ship and its crew.

Township - iOS and Android Game

It's a very interesting and exciting game that was created in the best traditions of strategies for building the cities. The playing style is Play ground. The user is given an interesting opportunity to build his or her city with various infrastructure: farms, factories, railway and houses. In the game there is an opportunity to trade between other players and cities.

Ghost Archives - iOS and Android Game

Игра в жанре Hidden Objects. Игрок оказывается в заброшенном шахтерском поселке. В самом начале игры нас игрока ожидает встреча с призраком, который будет следить за ним всю игру. Сюжет  игры  основан на том, что в городе проживают  души жителей которые не закончили свои дела, и поетому они не могут обрести свой мир и покой. Благодаря поиску скрытых предметов, разгадыванию интересных загадок мы сможем помочь призракам и  они обретут свой мир и покой. 

The game in the genre of Hidden Objects. The player is in the abandoned mining town. At the very beginning of the game the player meets with the ghost that will follow him during the whole game. The game's plot is based on the fact that the souls of the city residents, who have not completed their work, live in the city and that's why they can not find their peace and rest. Due to the search of the hidden objects, solving the interesting puzzles the player can help the ghosts and they will find their peace and rest.

The Island Castaway Playground - iOS and Android Game

Увлекательная и  очень популярная игра в стиле playground. Игрок - один из тех, кому посчастливилось выжить после крушения лайнера и оказаться на берегу загадочного острова.
Пользователю предстоит выполнить огромное количество различных заданий, познакомиться туземцами проживающими на острове. Впереди предстоят приключения и опасности через которые потребуется пройти. 
Данная игра подарит пользователю захватывающее приключение с различными квестами и загадками. 

The exciting and very popular game in the style of playground. The player is one of those, who were lucky to survive after the liner wreckage and you find yourself on the shore of a mysterious island.

The user is to do a lot of different tasks, to meet the natives that live on the island. The player needs to go through danger and adventures that lie ahead.

This game will give the user an exciting adventure with different quests and puzzles.

Poker 2 Joker

«Poker 2 Joker» is a poker game with Joker or “American Poker”. There is a web interface or iOS application available for a user. Two types of games are made: a normal game at a table and tournaments. A user can buy the in-game valuta for the real money.

Casino Joy

«Casino Joy» is a mobile game that presents a virtual casino. Three types of games are available for a player – 20 slot machines, 6 card games and also slot machines tournaments.