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Design Studio Website

The virtual showcase of designer clothes for men and women. The purpose of the project - to introduce those, who love dressing in a trendy and original way, with the creations of the famous Australian fashion design studio.The potential customers can easily find detailed information about each season and can directly contact the designer to ask all the questions about the model they liked.

Компания QATestLab была выбрана для выполнения функционального и 
юзабилити тестирования продукта клиента. Наши специалисты должны 
были гарантировать, что общее качество конечных результатов будет 
достигнуто в согласованные сроки. Был создан надлежащий канал 
связи между клиентом и его командой разработчиков, чтобы 
исключить пробелы во время финального тестирования.
Ежедневно выполнялись отчеты о статусе тестирования для того, 
чтобы команда QATestLab могла соответсвовать требованиям команды 
разработчиков и ожиданиям клиента.

QATestLab team was selected to perform functional and usability testing of the product by customer development team. We had to ensure that the overall quality of deliverables is achieved within the agreed timeline. A proper communication channel was established between the client and its development team to ensure that no gaps were left during the final testing. 

Day to day status reports were made to ensure that the QATestLab  team is in line with the development team and Client’s expectations.

During testing the significant functional mistakes were found, which could negatively affect the customer's reputation.The timely detection and removal of defects allowed to run the modern and convenient for users website that became the business card of design studio in the Internet.