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What Is Selenium RC?

From the very beginning, for a quite long time Selenium RC (Remote Control) was the leading framework for testing from the all Selenium product set.

Briefly About Selenium IDE

There is a set of tools for the qualitative execution of automated testing of different web products. Selenium is one of such product series.

Selenium: the Name Secret

Frequently, automated testing is performed with applying such set of tools as Selenium. But how is chemical element connected with software product testing? Where did such name come from?

Who Created Selenium?

Conducting automated testing of the web products, the specialists do not often think about who is the creator of Selenium, a set of tools for testing.

What Is Selenium?

Often, one may hear the word “selenium” from the IT specialists’ mouth. But how does selenium, the chemical element of the periodic system, touch the software product development cycle?

What Is It Like, Qualitative User Interface?

What is “user interface”? And why should it be tested? The specialists in this sphere may share many important and even interesting facts. But first, one should figure out with the fundamental thing.

What Is the Difference Between the Typical Tester and the Professional?

The professional qualities which should be possessed by a good specialist in testing are known as by the employer, as well as by the executor. But how does a tester realize whether he is a high-class specialist or not?

Test Data Secret

The “test data” word itself makes think that it concerns to the different set of figures, code elements, functions in the various programming languages, algorithms, schemes.

Software Testing: It Is a High Time to Take of the Rose-colored Spectacles

There is a mistakable opinion that it is very easy to achieve success in the IT sphere, easy to earn big money and any initiative is worth its weight in gold.

Why Is the Ability to Defocus Important for Testing?

Rather often, software testing company prefers the specialists who are able to fully focus on a certain task execution. Yes, it is of great importance, indeed.

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