Exam Blitz for Impatient

Exam Blitz for Impatient

Nowadays the IT field becomes more and more popular. A lot of people are minded to test their abilities in this or that sphere of IT services.

QATestLab company with a great pleasure provides such an opportunity for all comers. Everyone is able to register and attend the free online workshops. But the number of people who desire to get to know more about the development process and software testing is too large. And very often the prospective tester has to wait the beginning of workshops for some time.


The majority of people do not want to wait and desire to get everything at once. Unfortunately, it is not often possible. But there is the way out for every trouble. If you do not want to wait your turn to take part in online workshop, you may participate in the exam blitz. It consists of the actual exam and the practical part (to test application/website and open 20 bugs).

 The Procedure of Exam Blitz Participation:

  1. To register for passing the exam blitz.
  2. To get the access to the online exams passing system and pass the exam.
  3. To do the practical part (test application/website and open 20 bugs).
  4. To write the letter for webinar@qatestlab.net with the notification of exam completion and the done practical part.
  5. To meet a video interview via Skype by the additional invitation.

The registration form: http://training.qatestlab.com/schedule

We kindly ask to spread this information among those your acquaintances for whom it may be interesting. 

All questions by phone +380 (44)222-63-45 or email webinar@qatestlab.net

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