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InnSpire: Innovation, Inspiration & test automation

The landscape of test methodologies and test tools is changing fast.  While the traditional tool vendors lose market share – new solutions pop up rapidly and gain recognition. Important key factors contributing to their international success are often

  • Integrations with other (open source) software
  • Ease of use, modern interface and usability
  • SaaS and/or on-premise installation
  • Cost effectiveness

InnSpire is located centrally in The Netherlands. We focus on innovative test tools – the new software solutions that will be leading the market space in the coming 3 years.

  • Test process management 
  • End to End regression testing
  • Mobile device, crowd testing and usability testing
  • Security Pen testing
  • Load & stress testing
  • App Security testing
  • Performance analytics and performance modeling


Buitech is an independent Software Testing Company founded in 2015 by software testing specialists and is based in the UK and Vietnam. We have no other focus, 100% software testing, that is all we do and we are good at what we do.

We provide a totally impartial, bias free and honest view of your designs, requirements and software under test.

At Buitech, we believe that software testing is a fundamental tool for your development project, rather than the final piece in the puzzle. Software testing informs your technology development and results in high quality apps, websites and software that deliver your business goals.

Based on your needs, we provide flexible testing solutions that can support your work whatever the size of your project - from small one-off testing activities to longer term projects for larger software developments.

Our highly trained team will help you to be certain that you deliver great software. We enable software developers, IT teams and digital marketing agencies to release apps, websites and software to customers and staff with confidence.

As all aspects of business move online, organisations are increasingly developing technology to position themselves effectively in the digital marketplace. We can help give you confidence in your technology with a testing solution tailored for you.


Operating for over a decade, Odin are industry experts in the design, development and implementation of test automation products and solutions to clients in the US, Africa, Australia, Europe and India.
Where test automation tools have in the past been a worthy aspiration but never fulfilled their promise, Odin have created the Axe platform, which consistently delivers – software that works.

The Axe Test Automation platform is proven to be faster in implementation, cheaper to maintain and less resource intensive to build and integrate scenarios.

Axe uses sophisticated yet easy to use techniques to generate fully documented test automation code for multiple test automation tools, including market leading commercial and open source tools.