Our Partners


InnSpire focuses on innovation, inspiration and test automation. The company is located in the Netherlands. InnSpire follows the tendencies of development of test tools and methodologies to keep up with innovative solutions that appear at the market. To reach success at the international market, test tools should be cost-effective, and easy-to-use. They should support the integration with third-party software and SaaS / on-premise installation.

InnSpire provides the services of security and penetration testing, load and stress testing, usability and crowd testing. The company verifies mobile devices and applications. InnSpire performs test process management and performance analytics and modeling.


Buitech provides the services of independent software testing since 2015. The company is located in the UK and Vietnam. Buitech focuses of quality verification of applications, software products, and websites. The company considers software testing a basis of every development project. Testing helps to check whether business goals were delivered.

Despite the project size, Buitech provides flexible solutions that meet the requirements. The team of experienced specialists assists in releasing a software of a high quality. Buitech helps to reach a strong position in the digital marketplace. The company provides confidence ensured by testing solutions.


Odin is the company that provides the services of design, development, and realization of products and solutions for test automation. Odin has customers form the US, Europe, India, Africa, and Australia. Odin provides the services for more than 10 years. The company developed the Axe platform for test automation.

The Axe platform is designed to ensure a fast and cost-effective development and integration of test scenarios. It generates the test automation code for the majority of automation tools including open-source and commercial ones.


TestPlant provides user-centric, digital automation intelligence solutions that enhance the quality and performance of the digital experience. The company enables organizations to test, monitor, analyze, and report on the quality and responsiveness of different software applications. Testing can be performed across different interfaces, platforms, browsers, and devices, including mobile, desktop, and mainframe.

TestPlant bases its activity on a user-centric approach to testing. The company develops a universal solution for test automation. TestPlant developed EggPlant, a solution for test automation. It enables testing using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning.


Tesabot provides the services of automated web application testing. It is the developer of the tool which is called to test web software products of different types. The tool enables to design and execute smoke, sanity, regression, and end-to-end testing. Tesabot also provides cloud services for web testing.

The tool ensures the stability of developed test cases even if CSS classes are renamed or DOM structure are modified. Besides, test cases can be reused. Tesabot tool has such features as test recording and playing, debugging, and load detection. It supports continuous integration and provides a stable test environment.