Service for Collaboration and Innovation Management

Service for Collaboration and Innovation Management

Executive Summary

The application provides unique services in the area of collaboration and innovation management, allowing your selected stakeholders to create, improve, and rate ideas around business objectives important to yourself.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

We have performed load testing according to the customer requirements.

QATestLab team performed validation of web services performance under different load scenarios and maintenance of functional validations to see that they don't break under load using SoapUI testing tool.

During steps of testing we have captured system and process requirements extracted from design documents to create performance test plans covering all user requirements to be tested with defined non-functional requirements.

Development of performance test scripts was fulfilled using Mercury LoadRunner testing tool.

Our specialists provided definition of the limits of acceptable performance when the load increases (with increasing intensity of these operations).

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
  • Improving of system performance
  • Ensuring of high load resistance
  • Determination the number of concurrent users that can work with application
  • Determination of root causes of performance issues
Project team

1 test engineer

QA duration

30 man-hours

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