Electronic Online Store

Electronic Online Store

Executive Summary

Electronic online store is based on PrestaShop. Prestashop is a professional system for developing and managing an online store. It is one of the leading systems that are used for online stores nowadays.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

QATestLab specialist has performed acceptance testing before the official release of the site to assure that the product is developed according to the standards and specified criteria.

Our testing team has also conducted functional testing in order to assure the quality of the tested online store. The main problem of the electronic online store had incorrect interaction of producers with the system of payments of the online store.

The conducted cross-browser testing helped to eliminate problems that could appear during the different browser usage.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
  • Identical work of the online store in all of the possible browsers
  • Improved functionality
  • Improved system of payments
  • Compliance of the online store with the requirements
Project team

2 test engineers

QA duration

130 man-hours

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