Viewpoints: Image Processing Application

Viewpoints: Image Processing Application

Executive Summary

IOS mobile application developed for image processing in the David Datuna’s installation style. Viewpoints application allows to create a new universal and unique social language.

The application’s idea is that every human sees the world subjectively, based on his/her own criterion for a wonderful and terrible. Using Viewpoints the user can convert images, crop them, regulate the brightness, select different styles, sizes and colors of glasses, share the obtained result with the world via social networks. 

Key challenges and actions for project completion

The main goal of the project was to create automated tests for developers of application. The aim was to check up the image visualization correctness on the mobile application. 


Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
  • Created auto tests covering the entire functionality of the application
Project team

1 automated testing specialist

QA duration

42 man-hours

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