Football Application

Football Application

Executive Summary

Удобное приложение для тех кто любит быть в курсе футбольных событий.
Подробные расписания грядущих матчей, последние новости и события. 

The handy application for those who wants to stay informed of the football events. The detailed schedules of the upcoming matches, the latest news and events.

Key challenges and actions for project completion

The client gave the project for testing in order to do the detailed checks of the performance on the different platforms and operating systems, functional testing and usability. One of the app's features was its different design on different operating systems. The test-cases and documentation provided by the customer were used for the checks.

Type of testing completed
Key benefits for customer
Благодаря успешному сотрудничеству нашей команды проект вышел в сроки, стабильно работающий на многих мобильных платформах. 
Пользователи получили удовольствие от игры. 

Due to the successful cooperation of our team the project was released on time, working consistently on many mobile platforms.

Project team

3 testing engineers

QA duration

86 hours

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